Air Meditator Cushion


Air Meditator Cushions


The new ‘Mobile Meditator’

Colours available: Beige, Maroon, Purple and Black. Please tell us which one you would like in ‘Order Notes’ at the Checkout.

Everyone has their own preferences on how they like their mediation cushion to feel.

Air Meditator’s three separate air chambers allow you to adjust the cushion to your comfort level.

  • Adjust the center chamber for optimal cushioning, spine support and pelvic tilt.
  • Adjust the two side chambers for hip and thigh support.
  • Proper position of the hips and thighs allow the knees to naturally rest comfortably.
  • The three separate air chambers allow for stability even when the cushion is partially inflated.
  • Maximum inflated size: 46cm wide and 18cm tall in the rear x 6cm tall in the front. Carry case included.

The manufacturers have spent the last two years diligently working to improve Air Meditator. The new version has several improvements.

1. Double welded seams for extra durability: each of the seams of the three air chambers is sealed with double welds creating a stronger and more durable cushion than the single weld of the original version.

2. State of-of-the-art-valves: Air Meditator’s new state-of-the-art valves are a vast improvement over our previous valves and those of traditional inflatable products. Instead of biting and pinching to inflate and deflate the cushions, you simply have to blow into the valve to inflate it and push the button to adjust or deflate it. It’s that easy! The new valve allows Air Meditator to be inflated/deflated in just seconds with far less effort than in the past.  

3. Air Meditator is lighter. The double welds create a more durable cushion allowing a lighter material making Air Meditator easier to travel with.

4. New colour options: The beige cushion seen in the video and photo is an example of a new colour option.

  •  Proper body alignment is achieved when the hips and thighs are elevated allowing the knees to rest comfortably.
  •  Correct posture: Air Meditator’s adjustability results in a perfect seated posture, distributing your weight and therefore alleviating stress in the back, body, and legs.
  •  Comfort and stability: When the body and spine are aligned, it allows for proper circulation, thus eliminating stress and numbness.

 Air Meditator weighs less than a pound (450 g) and folds nicely into a 9” x 9” x 2” (23 x 23 x 5 cm) pouch saving you space and weight in your luggage.

 Our newly designed valves make inflating and deflating simple. Just blow into the valve to inflate it and push the button to deflate it. 

 There is no need to pinch or bite the valve as with old-school designs. Adjustments are easy. Just push the button to let out air so that the cushion deflates to the size you prefer.  

Additional information

Weight 400 kg
Dimensions 48 x 18 x 6 cm


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