Cultivating Inner Peace – Dr. Paul Fleischman


300 pages
Published by Vipassana Publications of America
ISBN 1-928706-25-8


Dr. Paul Fleischman examines the factors involved in cultivating that elusive human quality: inner peace.

The author holds up examples of people who have inspired him in his personal quest for harmony and happiness. Life sketches of such diverse exemplars as Helen and Scott Nearing, the Shakers, Walt Whitman, Gandhi, John Muir, Thoreau and Rabindranath Tagore demonstrate that it is a dispassionate equipoise in the face of everyday suffering that leads to inner peace. His ultimate example is an autobiographical account of his own experience with his practice of Vipassana.

The final chapter of the book is a compelling appeal to all people to walk the path of peace as a way of healing the earth itself.

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