Books for Children

The Jataka Tales celebrate the power of action motivated by compassion, love, wisdom and kindness. They teach that all we think and do profoundly affects the quality of our lives. Selfish words and deeds bring suffering to us and to those around us, while selfless action gives rise to goodness of such power that it spreads in ever-widening circles, uplifting all forms of life. The Jatakas, first related by the Buddha over two thousand years ago, bring to light his many lifetimes of positive action practiced for the sake of the world. As an embodiment of great compassion, the Awakended One reappears in many forms, in many times and places to ease the suffering of living beings. Thus these accounts are filled with heroes of all kinds, each demonstrating the power of compassion and wisdom to transform any situation. Based on traditional texts, the stories in the Jataka Tales Series have been adapted for the children of today. May these tales inspire the positive action that will sustain the heart of goodness and the light of wisdom for the future of the world.