Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Privacy

Aside from the contents of this statement, the Centre’s conduct in the online environment is also governed by a number of statutory and non-statutory policies as part of the telecommunications industry, and our corporate privacy principles.
Statutory and Non-Statutory Requirements

  • The National Privacy Principles contained in Schedule 3 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth);
  • Laws and codes regulating and protecting Internet content;

Collection of Personal Information

The types of personal information that we collect from you will depend on how you interact with the Centre’s web sites. This section will explain.

Online Forms

  • When you submit an order form on our site, we will collect details such as your name, address and other details of personal information. This information is necessary for us to be able to identify you accurately so that we may be able to respond to your requests.

We value your trust in our web site and, in all cases, your information will be held in the strictest confidence

Security of Information

Any personal information that you submit to our website is held in the strictest confidence. We use and implement industry standards for the security and protection of information collected from our users. This information is securely stored and access is restricted to authorised personnel only, ensuring that your personal information is protected and safeguarded in accordance with Privacy Principle 4: Data Security. The information you submit to us is used only for the purpose stipulated at the time that the information is collected. Dhamma Books does not reveal, disclose, sell, distribute, rent, licence, share or pass on to any third parties, any personal information that you may have provided to us.

Third Party Site

We acknowledge that you may occasionally click-through to third party sites from our sites, and thus recommend that you refer to the privacy statement of the sites you visit. We assume no responsibility for information and content of third party sites.